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Deuteronomy 22:19 BBE

Deut 22:19 BBE, Dt 22:19 BBE, Deuteronomy 22 19 BBE

Deuteronomy 22:19 BBE

17  And now he has put shame on her, saying that she is not a virgin; but here is the sign that she is a virgin. Then they are to put her clothing before the responsible men of the town.

18  Then the responsible men of the town are to give the man his punishment;

19  They will take from him a hundred shekels of silver, which are to be given to the father of the girl, because he has given an evil name to a virgin of Israel: she will go on being his wife, he may never put her away all his life.

20  But if what he has said is true, and she is seen to be not a virgin,

21  Then they are to make the girl come to the door of her father's house and she will be stoned to death by the men of the town, because she has done evil and put shame on Israel, by acting as a loose woman in her father's house: so you are to put away evil from among you.

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