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Daniel 8:9 BBE

Dan 8:9 BBE, Da 8:9 BBE, Dn 8:9 BBE, Daniel 8 9 BBE

Daniel 8:9 BBE

7  And I saw him come right up to the sheep, and he was moved with wrath against him, attacking the sheep so that his two horns were broken; and the sheep had not strength to keep his place before him, but was pushed down on the earth and crushed under his feet: and there was no one to get the sheep out of his power.

8  And the he-goat became very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken, and in its place came up four other horns turned to the four winds of heaven.

9  And out of one of them came another horn, a little one, which became very great, stretching to the south and to the east and to the beautiful land.

10  And it became great, even as high as the army of heaven, pulling down some of the army, even of the stars, to the earth and crushing them under its feet.

11  It made itself great, even as great as the lord of the army; and by it the regular burned offering was taken away, and the place overturned and the holy place made waste.

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