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Daniel 8:26 BBE

Dan 8:26 BBE, Da 8:26 BBE, Dn 8:26 BBE, Daniel 8 26 BBE

Daniel 8:26 BBE

24  And his power will be great, and he will be purposing strange things. And all will go well for him and he will do his pleasure; and he will send destruction on the strong ones.

25  And his designs will be turned against the holy people, causing deceit to do well in his hand; in his heart he will make himself great, and send destruction on numbers who are living unconscious of their danger; and he will put himself up against the prince of princes; but he will be broken, though not by men's hands.

26  And the vision of evenings and mornings which has been talked of is true: and keep the vision secret; for it has to do with the far-off future.

27  And I, Daniel, was ill for some days; then I got up and did the king's business: and I was full of wonder at the vision, but no one was able to give the sense of it.

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