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Daniel 8:11 BBE

Dan 8:11 BBE, Da 8:11 BBE, Dn 8:11 BBE, Daniel 8 11 BBE

Daniel 8:11 BBE

9  And out of one of them came another horn, a little one, which became very great, stretching to the south and to the east and to the beautiful land.

10  And it became great, even as high as the army of heaven, pulling down some of the army, even of the stars, to the earth and crushing them under its feet.

11  It made itself great, even as great as the lord of the army; and by it the regular burned offering was taken away, and the place overturned and the holy place made waste.

12  ... against the regular burned offering; and ... crushed down to the earth, and it did its pleasure and things went well for it.

13  Then there came to my ears the voice of a holy one talking; and another holy one said to that certain one who was talking, How long will the vision be while the regular burned offering is taken away, and the unclean thing causing fear is put up, and the holy place crushed under foot?

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