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Daniel 12:12 BBE

Dan 12:12 BBE, Da 12:12 BBE, Dn 12:12 BBE, Daniel 12 12 BBE

Daniel 12:12 BBE

10  Till a number are tested and make themselves clean; and the evil-doers will do evil; for not one of the evil-doers will have knowledge; but all will be made clear to those who are wise.

11  And from the time when the regular burned offering is taken away, and an unclean thing causing fear is put up, there will be a thousand, two hundred and ninety days.

12  A blessing will be on the man who goes on waiting, and comes to the thousand, three hundred and thirty-five days.

13  But you, go on your way and take your rest: for you will be in your place at the end of the days.

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