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Daniel 1:11 BBE

Dan 1:11 BBE, Da 1:11 BBE, Dn 1:11 BBE, Daniel 1 11 BBE

Daniel 1:11 BBE

9  And God put into the heart of the captain of the unsexed servants kind feelings and pity for Daniel.

10  And the captain of the unsexed servants said to Daniel, I am in fear of my lord the king, who has given orders about your food and your drink; what if he sees you looking less happy than the other young men of your generation? then you would have put my head in danger from the king.

11  Then Daniel said to the keeper in whose care the captain of the unsexed servants had put Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah:

12  Put your servants to the test for ten days; let them give us grain for our food and water for our drink.

13  Then take a look at our faces and the faces of the young men who have food from the king's table; and, having seen them, do to your servants as it seems right to you.

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