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Amos 2:11 BBE

Am 2:11 BBE, Amos 2 11 BBE

Amos 2:11 BBE

9  Though I sent destruction on the Amorite before them, who was tall as the cedar and strong as the oak-tree, cutting off his fruit from on high and his roots from under the earth.

10  And I took you up out of the land of Egypt, guiding you for forty years in the waste land, so that you might take for your heritage the land of the Amorite.

11  And some of your sons I made prophets, and some of your young men I made separate for myself. Is it not even so, O children of Israel? says the Lord.

12  But to those who were separate you gave wine for drink; and to the prophets you said, Be prophets no longer.

13  See, I am crushing you down, as one is crushed under a cart full of grain.

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