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2 Timothy 4:11 BBE

2 Tim 4:11 BBE, 2 Ti 4:11 BBE, II Ti 4:11 BBE, 2Ti 4:11 BBE, II Tim 4:11 BBE, 2Tim 4:11 BBE, II Timothy 4:11 BBE, 2Timothy 4:11 BBE, 2nd Timothy 4:11 BBE, Second Timothy 4:11 BBE, 2 Timothy 4 11 BBE

2 Timothy 4:11 BBE

9  Do your best to come to me before long:

10  For Demas has gone away from me, for love of this present life, and has gone to Thessalonica: Crescens has gone to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia.

11  Only Luke is with me. Get Mark and take him with you; for he is of use to me in the work.

12  Tychicus I sent to Ephesus.

13  The coat which I did not take from Troas and which is with Carpus, get when you come, and the books, specially the papers.

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