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2 Timothy - BBE

2 Tim, 2 Ti, II Ti, 2Ti, II Tim, 2Tim, II Timothy, 2Timothy, 2nd Timothy, Second Timothy

The Book of 2 Timothy - BBE

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The Book of 2 Timothy BBE summary

Purpose of The Book of 2 Timothy:
Paul wrote this letter to his trusted but inexperienced friend and co-worker Timothy from a Roman prison that he was convinced he would never leave. It expresses the concerns of a man contemplating the end of his life, but the ongoing vitality of his life work.

Summary of The Book of 2 Timothy:
In times of trouble, Paul encourages Timothy to passionately and unashamedly devote himself to the ministry of the gospel. Paul exhorts Timothy to continue in his ministry despite the opposition of false teachers. He is to remain faithful until the end. As the final canonized letter from Paul, 2 Timothy functions like the Apostle’s last will and testament of the Apostle. Paul is entrusting in this letter the things that are precious to him, namely the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of David (2:8).

Author and Dates of The Book of 2 Timothy:
This was Paul's last known letter, written just before his death in 67 AD. Paul was in jail in Rome when he wrote this letter, facing an imminent execution.

Outline of The Book of 2 Timothy:

  1. Paul's Concern for Timothy (2 Tim 1:1-14).
  2. Paul's Instructions for Timothy (2 Tim 2).
  3. Paul's Description of the Last Days (2 Tim 3).
  4. Paul's Charge (2 Tim 4:1-8).
  5. Paul's Final Requests (2 Tim 4:9-22).

Themes of The Book of 2 Timothy:
Relationships: Paul's main concern throughout this letter is for his friends and co-workers, and for those who have fallen away from the faith. Whether helpful or hurtful, the relationships he had formed throughout his life and ministry are at the forefront of his mind during his last days on earth.
Perseverance: Paul recounts his sufferings at the hands of the enemies of the gospel, yet does not steer Timothy away from that path. Rather, he encourages Timothy that the trials, though certain, cannot thwart the gospel ministry, and calls him to endure such opposition staunchly.
Fear and Shame: In light of such persecution and adversity facing Timothy, Paul calls him to cast out all fear, uncertainty, doubt and shame, and instead be bold, joyful and confident in the promises of Christ.

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