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1 Peter 5:13 BBE

1 Pet 5:13 BBE, 1 Pe 5:13 BBE, I Pe 5:13 BBE, 1Pe 5:13 BBE, I Pet 5:13 BBE, 1Pet 5:13 BBE, I Pt 5:13 BBE, 1 Pt 5:13 BBE, 1Pt 5:13 BBE, I Peter 5:13 BBE, 1Peter 5:13 BBE, 1st Peter 5:13 BBE, First Peter 5:13 BBE, 1 Peter 5 13 BBE

1 Peter 5:13 BBE

11  His is the power for ever. So be it.

12  I have sent you this short letter by Silvanus, a true brother, in my opinion; comforting you and witnessing that this is the true grace of God; keep to it.

13  She who is in Babylon, who has a part with you in the purpose of God, sends you her love; and so does my son Mark.

14  Give one another the kiss of love. Peace be to you all in Christ.

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