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Jeremiah 48:1 ASV

Jer 48:1 ASV, Je 48:1 ASV, Jr 48:1 ASV, Jeremiah 48 1 ASV

Jeremiah 48:1 ASV

1  Of Moab. Thus saith Jehovah of hosts, the God of Israel: Woe unto Nebo! for it is laid waste; Kiriathaim is put to shame, it is taken; Misgab is put to shame and broken down.

2  The praise of Moab is no more; in Heshbon they have devised evil against her: Come, and let us cut her off from being a nation. Thou also, O Madmen, shalt be brought to silence: the sword shall pursue thee.

3  The sound of a cry from Horonaim, desolation and great destruction!

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