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2 Kings - ASV

2 Kgs, 2 Ki, 2K, II Kgs, 2Kgs, II Ki, 2Ki, II Kings, 2Kings, 2nd Kgs, 2nd Kings, Second Kings, Second Kgs, 2Kin

The Book of 2 Kings - ASV

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The Book of 2 Kings ASV summary

Purpose of The Book of 2 Kings:
The nation deserved the exile, but restoration was possible through full repentance.

Summary of The Book of 2 Kings:
The book of 1 & 2 Kings describes God’s faithfulness to his people despite their sin. Despite ending with the judgment of exile, there was still hope in God’s promises at the end of 2 Kings. God had made an eternal promise to David (2 Sam. 7:16) and at the close of the book the writer notes that the house of David was not only still intact but even flourishing in the house of the king of Babylon (2 Kings 25:28). This is meant to encourage God’s people to be hopeful and trust that God will ultimately fulfill all his promises.

Author and Dates of The Book of 2 Kings:
1 & 2 Kings describe the period of the monarchy in ancient Israel (970–586 B.C.). While the books do not specify an author, they could not have been written before the sixth century b.c., since 2 Kings 25:27–30 describes the release of King Jehoiachin from prison in Babylon in 561 and the books must therefore date from some time after that.

Outline of The Book of 2 Kings:

  1. Failure and hope in Solomon years (1 Kings 1-12).
  2. Failure and hope in the Divided years (1 Kings 12- 2 Kings 17).
    • Jeroboam and Rehoboam- northern kingdom (“Israel”) and southern kingdom (“Judah”)
    • Israel is exiled (2 Kings 8- 2 Kings 17)
  3. Failure and Hope in Judah’s final years (2 Kings 18-25)
    • Babylonian exile of Judah

Themes of The Book of 2 Kings:
The decline and eventual dissolution of the monarchy in Israel.
The fateful national consequences of Israel’s disloyalty to God.
The role of the prophets in speaking for God’s to his people.
The expulsion of God’s people from the land.

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